marble collection

Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of marble production and the history of marble quarries dates as far as 4.000 years ago.

Turkish Stones offers both classical marbles, such as beige, brown and white colors, and also expands its marble collection continuously.

We strive to give our clients, architects and project developers the opportunity to pick the most distinguished stones for their projects or their stockyard.


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marble colors

Bianco Neve

Bianco Acquamarina

Wooden White

Bianco Pinata

New York Marble

Crema Ondulato

Sole Beige

Emperador Light

Silver Galaxy

Steel Grey

Tundra Grey

Invisible Blue | Bluette

Bronze Armani

Emperador Dark

Rouge Antique

Grigio Versilia

Grigio Notte

Black Galaxy

Taurus Black